League of Personal States

LEAGUE OF PERSONAL STATES - international organization uniting personal states on a voluntary basis.

Main tasks and objectives of the League – support for the popularization of the institution of personal state, the dissemination of information concerning the personal states, the proliferation of a wide practice of international recognition of personal states and the development of international cooperation.

All personal states joining the League recognize all other personal states as independent subjects of international law. This is one of the most effective tools in the issue of international recognition of personal states. At a time when the League will unite millions of personal states and millions of people on the Planet recognize personal states as existing subjects of international law, our world will change – it will become more free and respectful, people will be able to gain the highest freedoms and realize their rights to a happy life.

At the moment, the basic documentation of the League is being formed.

Once your personal state has been established, you will be able to join the League of personal States and receive League protection and other membership benefits.


The development of the LEAGUE OF PERSONAL STATES plans to implement the following projects and opportunities:
  • thrights and interests protection of Personal States;
  • legal support, development of forms of documents for Personal States, assistance to international recognition;
  • the introduction of a digital currency for payments between Personal States, maintaining a balance and developing foreign economic activity;
  • the peaceful acquisition of physical ground for the organization of a postal address and office of a Personal States at their request;
  • participation in the work of the UN and representation of the interests of Personal States in various international organizations;
  • Using the Personal State System to Pay Unconditional Basic Income.