Issue official documents

The Personal State has its own legal system. In accordance with this, by proclaiming a Personal State, a person gets the opportunity to draw up official documents in accordance with the legal system established by him.

Thus, you can get yourself a passport of the Personal State, which will be an identity card and an international document.

Personal state passport

For convenience, we have developed a standard passport form for Personal States that meets all international requirements and has several degrees of protection. You can order a personal state passport form from us for yourself.

In the same way, as the head of your own Personal State, you can have official forms with seal, maintain postal correspondence on such forms, issue certificates, certificates and diplomas, and any other documents.

To certify official documents, you must use the state seal of the Personal State. Together with a blank passport, we will create the main state seal for your Personal State. It will show the name of the state and the coat of arms. The imprint of the seal on the documents of the Personal State will be an act of legal force.

To order seals and blsnks of the Personal State passport, follow this link.