Ample opportunities for development

It takes a few minutes to proclaim a Personal State, but at the same time gives its Founder many opportunities for development, creativity, business, professional activity.

Since the proclamation of the Personal State, a person has his own legal and economic system. By his own decisions, a person can create flexible conditions for activity, creativity, development, cooperation.



Here are just some of the opportunities and benefits that you get with a Personal State:

  • own jurisdiction, possibility to create own legal system, laws;
  • the legal system of the Personal State is a "legal constructor" for creativity, for the development of new legal forms and categories;
  • ample opportunities for the introduction of blockchain projects in its own jurisdiction, the creation of its own cryptocurrencies and their independent legal regulation;
  • the possibility of establishing the institution of citizenship and granting the citizenship of one's personal state to other persons;
  • ability to establish legal entities in its own jurisdiction, to create conditions for economic activity;
  • complete freedom from political engagement of any state and international conflicts;
  • broad freedoms for professional and creative realization, religion and religion;
  • in contrast to the status of «stateless person», a person becomes a state to himself and gets the opportunity to realize the widest scope of rights;
  • the possibility of self-registration of a passport of a personal state as an identity card;
  • the opportunity to enter into relations with other States on equal terms (which can be implemented through the conclusion of international treaties), and not from the position of their citizen or foreign citizen;
  • the creation of family unions and partnerships in any form, the forms of which are not limited;
  • many other advantages, the list of which is not exhaustive.
You can find the services for the personal states and additional features available on our website.