Proclamation of a Personal State


Start the process of creating your own Personal State right now! It's absolutely free and only takes a few minutes.

You will be asked to indicate the name of the Personal State, publish Act proclamation of the Personal State (Declaration of Independence) and Constitution, the official Emblem of the State (Coat of Arms), indicate the head of state, and official contacts.

In the process of proclaiming the Personal State, you will be offered the standard texts of the Act and the Constitution, which are most suitable for the Personal State. If necessary, you can make the necessary changes to the texts (we do not recommend making changes without additional consultation with lawyers).

Personal state

From the moment of publication, your personal state will be considered proclaimed, a special page of the Personal State will be created, as it will be indicated in the register of Personal States.

By proclaiming a Personal State, you testify that you have the necessary volume of legal capacity and legal capacity, do not pursue criminal goals, your actions do not contradict the norms of the law, and you also recognize all proclaimed Personal States.

Open for yourself let to absolute freedom, the possibility of free development, creativity and activity, get the opportunity to independently realize your destiny!