Personal development


Our experts in heraldry will develop an individual coat of arms of your Personal State, taking into account all the wishes, characteristics and cultural traditions of heraldry. As part of this package, a choice of 3 options for the future coat of armsand 2 modifications of the selected sample will be available, taking into account your wishes.

Our lawyers specializing in international, constitutional law and the law of the Personal State will develop especially for you a declaration of the proclamation of the Personal State and the Constitution of the Personal State. 

Coat of Arms of Personal State

You can use the received coat of arms and Constitution at the time of proclamation of the Personal State, they will be published on the Personal State page, in the register of Personal States and will effectively individualize your Personal State, tell about its specifics and legal system. 

This package of services will require 3 to 7 days from the date of payment.