Full package


This package of services includes the creation of a passport of the Personal State for you, the seal of the Personal State and postal delivery to anywhere in the World at your request.

From the moment of proclamation of the Personal State, you have the right to issue for yourself a passport of a citizen of the Personal State with your photo, surname, first name and patronymic, date of birth, indication of belonging to the citizenship of the Personal State. 

The passport blank will be drawn up according to the data provided by you, the unified form of the passport document of the Personal State complies with international standards for issuing passports, the main page with a photo is lamination, the passport contains pages for affixing state visa stamps.

Find out more about blank for the Personal State passport at this link.

The Seal of the Personal State is the main state seal with the image of the Coat of Arms and the name of the Personal State. The seal is necessary to certify official documents, and also serves as a symbol of state power.

The term for the production of a blank passport and seal is 7 days from the date of payment. The order will be sent by mail to anywhere in the world.