New World

We live in a world where vertical systems in management, politics, public life, technologies, communications, media, business are replaced by network structures. It is obvious that the existing institution of citizenship in most states does not meet the requirements of the time.

Many citizens choose their own path of development and have personal interests that have no connection with the outdated mechanisms of state structures. They need more freedom, more opportunities for creativity and activity, more mobility and independence.

It does not require proof that human progress is possible only in conditions of multivariance, the presence of alternatives and diversity. Only in conditions of freedom of diversity and competition is it possible to develop creativity, achievements in science and technology, standardization and the desire to make everyone the same are destructive processes.

The spread of Personal States is a tool for building network structures of international society.

Personal States - new world

Cooperation between the subjects of Personal States is possible on the basis of multivariate contracts. This creates a more progressive system of relations than the norms of cumbersome and outdated laws of existing states. A new system in which power is given to treaties takes into consider specific needs of each person, describes the unique conditions of interaction and cooperation, and takes into consider current situations, is mobile.

The Personal State opens up opportunities for free creativity, the creation of their own economic and monetary projects. The legal system of the Personal State is a "legal constructor" for creativity, for the development of new legal forms and categories. The Personal State allows you to create all kinds of partnerships and alliances that are not available in traditional legal systems.