The world under COVID-19

The world under COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the managerial crisis in the political systems of states and international organizations.

Bureaucratic bodies have shown their ineffectiveness in preventing the spread of the virus, excessive efforts were aimed at restrictive measures, which led to economic losses, a halt in development, and a narrowing of the rights of citizens and freedoms.

It is becoming more and more obvious that vertical structures do not meet the requirements of modernity. Network structures have already successfully modernized the sectors of the economy, media, information, technology, public organizations, business and services. Now the network principles must be implemented in the sphere of relations between states and citizens, in the sphere of international affairs.

The Institute of the Personal State is an ideal alternative. It is a tool for building network structures that will ensure sustainable development, the realization of human rights and interests, the progress of science, technology, economy, conditions for free creativity.

In the context of globalization, the Personal State allows one to gain independence from states and their legal systems of coercion, which were inherited from slavery. Having declared a Personal State, a person gets the opportunity to exist freely and equally within the framework of the entire world community.

The costs of globalization are total digitalization, equalization of all people, limiting them to the same framework of rules. Every day, the plans for organizing digital slavery seem less and less fantastic.

Against this background, the Personal State provides guarantees for the preservation of individuality, freedom of creativity and self-expression, preserves multivariate.