A new look at the world's structure

A new look at the world's structure

At present, the world community is structured in such a way that states function at the international level, and within states there are legal systems regulating citizenship.

The institutions of citizenship are in many ways restrictive and burdensome, inheriting the features of slavery. Citizens of states are dependent on the policy of the state, on the government's relationship with other countries. Citizens cannot independently exercise the fullness of their rights, they are closed within national legal systems.

The progress of globalization will assign to states the role of territorial administrations, whose tasks will include the implementation of decisions of international organizations. It is possible that the peoples will gradually lose the opportunity to influence their governments. From an infringed position within the framework of states, citizens will be preventively imposed obligations and restrictions from international organizations performing the functions of world governance.

The process of globalization and international integration cannot be stopped. The Institute of the Personal State provides an alternative path of movement in the context of globalization.

The Personal State allows a person to free himself from imprisonment in states, become an international subject and participate in global processes as an independent participant on contractual terms.

A large number of created Personal States will make this process a sustainable alternative to the imposed path.

The Personal State does not deny the existence of States in their classical understanding. These "Service States" are assigned an important role of maintaining territories, infrastructure, and citizens who are comfortable living within the state system can remain in them. The Personal State is an alternative and addition.

The Personal State will help to preserve in the new world the conditions of multivariance, freedom and uniqueness, to preserve opportunities for creative release, development, professional activity and business.

The existence of many subjects of Personal States will make it possible to create a system of contractocracy. The realization of rights and interests, activities and cooperation will be carried out on the basis of contracts. This will take into account the most delicate conditions and needs of the individual, the current situation. Based on the principles of satisfying the needs and realizing the rights of the individual, respect and interaction between subjects on the basis of contracts, the contractocracy system can become more effective than democratic systems.